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dinosaurs fucking rule

i spend my life being weaned from one b(o)(a)ttle to the next. groups of more than three people move in the subway move like platoons. everyone's a soldier. called jason and wendy this morning to apologize and to thank them for their to-do. told justin just to let me out anywhere in brooklyn and walked home. currently looking for acceptable head of romaine lettuce and spinach. tricked my girlfriend into having sex this morning- i'm the cleverest of all tricksters, a cad and a bounder. did i mention everyone's a soldier and every grocery store is a labyrinth? i still don't have a computer, but my fine feathered friend gunn is updating for me!!!11ONE

there was a post-it note attatched to the bench in the tunnels of the subway that said scary shit, and so far they're right. people where their clothes like h.r. geiger's parasites, badly imitating their prey. gunn gives me the thumbs down on ketchup-flavored potato chips.

wow, look at all that telecommunications mojo that's going on right here. that's awfully sexy.

cc: gunn

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