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kira took her computer with her to barcelona, so i am without. i've been working on character classes lately- the more i fiddle with them the more i think the original dnd classes are awfully well put together on whole. kingtycoon's edges are kind of essential too, but trying to emulate his sort of character class template wasn't working for me. so i'm trying something diffrent. i also decided to say fuck off to my "all wizards as prestige classes" idea- it just wasn't panning out. mostly the cenobite is coming along nicely, since i took its base attack bonus down to match the wizard. oh, & i've been making up new domains, including goblin, dwarf, swarm, ecstacy & the like. taking a knife to the spell lists is the next big undertaking.

yesterday jenny was in a rotten mood & that sucked but uh, everything that i might have had to say about it i've forgotten. things slip away pretty easily. i couldn't sleep so i stayed up awfully late. i wish i had a gym to go to. i need to remember to get out of the apartment more often; i can read & write on the subways & also go places. i'm reading some of the books of magic that i never did, & i started ann patchett's the magician's assistant which i was afraid would be a sucky girl book but kinda won some leeway with good dream sequences.

oh, & i'm pretty sure the volk will just be d6 instead of d4 for hit die, & then the scent feat. maybe a bite attack, trading in some charisma. i don't know, i don't want to make them too weird, but i want to make them feral enough that they deserve their own entry. & i'm putting together a subterreanean steamboat expidition that gets highjacked by the goblin secret police.

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