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king obnoxious & the fucking wild bunch.

man, my knuckles are all bloody from punching the sand at hot dog island! i'm just like bruce lee! that is some tight shit. oh, woah. now i'm all trying to decide if the crow is actually any good. right, it is, i think. maybe a little. its at least a comic book movie, right? so it has the vitality of geekiness underneath the awful patina of gothiness.

two thoughts based on my current circumstances: one (1). i threw away jenny's coffee scoop when i was here before, & man, oops. a total fumble of the ball on the part of the guy in the "m" jersey. i'm a total fucker. two (2). you know that girl that you know at the bar, who is friends with people you know, & so you are friendly with, & sometimes you dance together to a song you both like? you know how sometimes you go back to the bar after like a year & see her again & she's a huge wreck? & she tries to talk to you, because you used to be friendly, but you're just like "um, yeah, uh, i have urgent uh gotta go." anyhow the song i was listening to reminded me of that girl.

last night jenny & i went into the villiage to meet with the illscientist & the ethereal ruffian for the social cure-all of "drinks." mostly we sat in the back room of the botanica (which i didn't even know it was named until tonight- i just thought it was "BAR") & shot the shit. & we might have made a mathematical proof disproving the exsistance of god, but i'm not sure.

oh, on the way to the airport (you know, when i fucking MOVED TO NEW YORK), antonio was filling me in on the whereabouts of some of our old cohorts. & man! strikingly handsome jay! okay, strikingly handsome jay was so called because he actually was a pretty good looking guy- he was pretty tall, had striking (tm) red hair, & wore some facial hair that gave him a sort of respectably rougish air, & topped it off by wearing one of those big naval coats during the winter. strikingly handsome jay, however, had a few problems. the fact that he was like, 28 & lived with his grandma was one of them. the fact that he hadn't had a job since the regan administration was another (far be it for me to detract from gainful unemployment though). the fact that he was obsessive about conspiracy theories was actually sort of charmingly quirky- i don't know, anyone who insists art bell knows whats up is sort of adorable & quaint.

the real problem was jay's absolute & total lack of self esteem. i mean- we had to actually CALL HIM UP & tell him we wanted him to come over on the day that we'd made plans to get together because he wasn't sure we really liked him. & this was just between him & his gamer friends! it was far worse with anything that had tits, though. i would bring my friends (girls = tourists) to the game occasionally- notably, pam & leigh. jay fell instantly in love with them, but you know. in that sort of funny unrequited way. more amusingly! he was utterly bug-fuck over this girl bonny who worked at a coffee shop. when he finally got a date with her? he didn't bother to show up! he was like "uh, um, what would i say? she won't like me. uh, spock." oh, which was another of jay's charms- during pauses in conversation, he would do a quick shatner impersonation & just say "spock!"

oh, but then jay became a christian (he was converted by the end of the world fiction genre! the left behind books got him by appealing to his paranoia!), dropped his email address (phoenix2000 or something) because it was "too secular" & vanished. i guess now he is a third shift janitor & grandma finally died. too funny. grandma died. haha.

so this morning, i was feeling like "science requires dangerous risks!" so i decided to be an investigator. plus, i wanted to see what it was like. which is what i just said. so when i masturbated i tried to use the butt plug on myself. i am a fagg0rt now i guess. anyhow i couldn't even get the thing all the way in. so now i can say i have evidence for the fact that its really not my thing. that is that, then.

so how about you stop making shitty movies?

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