mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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rings of saturn, devourer.

"I am an amazingly gorgeous genius with unimaginable tricks up my sleeve."

the stars of the anathemalogia:

the unceasing swarm, zrkzrk, the termagent's uncounted brood
old scratch, rahukrisna
the scuttling horror, tk-k!r-k, the shivering pedipalps
the manes, the lemures, the lamenting horde
the insatiable, the invert maw, phage
the piscene heirophant, the leviathan
the riddlebox, the tyrant of iron & ink, the barren enigma, the anomalous cipher
the corpse-candle vapour, the firmament's exile, absinthe's breath, nbat
the splendid gentlemen, the twins ecstacy & agony.

plus, jenny & i invented a new kind of making out.

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