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last night jenny & i went to dinne with andrew & carla at the cowgirl hall of fame. aside from a brief fiasco with an onion loaf (i.e. out of nowhere half way [1/2] through dinner carla ordered one & no-one believed me that "onion loaf" is code for "ton o' onion rings") it was perfectly delightful. everyone except me was a little bit drink, & as a surprising consequence of this i got a rain check for a blowjob in exchange for finishing jenny's glass of beer. rock & roll is alive & well in new york city, let me tell you. then there was some running around fetching a lost parasol.

after dinner we went to see the fringe fest play "citizen walken," which sort of does for christopher walken what being john malkovich did for john malkovich. only, i mean, its a play & the format of the thing is totally diffrent. basically i mean its a funny play about a cool funny guy. the guy playing christopher walken (peter loureiro) does a fabulous job, including breaking down & crying while talking about a sad clown holding a wedding cake as a balloon. i liked it an awful lot, although the parts with klinger from m*a*s*h lost me, since i never really saw that show.

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