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alright ramblers lets get rambling.

i got the main street coney's coupons out of my luggage for today. i mean, maybe i won't eat hot dogs with cortney today, but if i don't, i'll let her keep the coupons. fuck, i sound irrational once i start typing. i think i'm a little bit liquid. chart me out oh plot me in points on graph paper. do i rise do i fall. two states in respect to heaven. or the grave. i fall, but i rise (or vice versa). both alike in dignity.

i'm a sucker right, if it gets me everytime anybody ends an email with "love," right, i'm pretty sure that is evidence of uh, my position as dorquemada in the interweb inquisition. but anyhow, at least having things happen mean i have history. its tough for me to get purchase on events unless i have someone's perspective to anchor me. i'm fucking teflon. day to days just slide right off me. anyhow, soldier 3, dark side maurader 5, dark force wish 2, sith acolyte 3. bad seed right off from day one (1).

yeah, i um. am feeling a little bit ridiculous. is a drink a good idea or a bad idea? i feel like a lungfish! or like the weird mammals that were like "man, being a whale is a super cool idea! way better than being um, some weird dog thing! lets live in the water & be smarter than everybody else!" evolutionary choices are awesome! thrive, swarm, or die! ever see a whole bunch of ants swarm all over a popsicle that somebody dropped? yeah, those little fuckers are some amazing machines, huh?

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