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i think i just spoke to the financial aid people of kent state for the last time ever. though i don't quite want to jinx myself. i surprise myself over how capable i've become over this past summer; after getting royally screwed this spring i just didn't want to ever have a repeat of similar events. not to mention this whole girlfriend in another state thing was getting old, quick. its tough to completely & totally commit to a relationship when there are several months when you can't see each other. but the curtain is falling on those days. i fought those little battles against loneliness & inconsolable jealousy with the panache befiting my station.

while i was over in the michael-shwartz building, i had them mail my transcripts to hunter cuny. i know i may be putting all my eggs into progressively smaller baskets, but i'm pretty great. i've got a good smile, for a wicked sonofabitch. sumnabitch. it will get pulled out of the magician's hat, i bet. did i mention i also sorted out most of my financial aid for the next year? i'm so fucking responsible, it blows my mind. look on my works oh ye mighty & despair (i'm still what i am; ruin is always implied in my success).

here are a list of words i wrote down because i like them:
embassy, disobedience, adjutant, ambassador, virulent, poem, litany, field grey, uniforms, cherry pit - latrine, didactic, codex, lexicon, tome, treatis, text, rubric, omnibus, shadowboxing, esabat, abhor, reliquary, panoply, annointed, anathemalogia, funeral (domain), parlor, sacred, the pale, lingua, euphemism, undertaker, bottle, phial, bereaved, vigour, indiffrence, dogma.

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