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enjoy morgul-bullets, fuckers.

damn i hate everybody at the gym. i hate the guys who lift but are clearly total assholes. i hate the guys from the basketball team who think they are the only shit which matters, draping themselves over several weight stations & just talking. i hate fat girls who pretend like they are working out. i hate people who use the machines incorrectly in ways that no person with an iq higher than "mashed potatoes" could possible concieve of as helpful. i hate big fat guys who weight train rather than try to not be big fat guys. i hate all the girls with cauliflower faces. fuck you fuck you fuck you. i hate the person with that acrid stink, & i hate the person who leaves the machine all sweaty before i get onto it. i hate the people who take up the swim lanes when i want to go in the water. i hate gregor samsa & charlotte's web. i hate unpopular highschool kids who come here for basketball camp & then sit on the computers for hours getting fatter.

addendum: fuck you guy who smelled like the elephant dung at the circus. fuck you guy who was maybe okay & foreign but shared my swim lane. but! big ups to phil reno, who at one point was my anthropological statistics class instructer. he filled me in on the bad ass graduate program that columbia, hunter, & some other place share. so apparently the hunter cuny anthropology (specifically, archeology) is killer cool. which is like, go m, go!

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