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moving went fucking flawlessly thanks to nineof26 & pilesofyogurt. once we got to mentor to unload things i sort of got into a bad mood, like my brain was all "wait, what the fuck, i thought you told me we were moving to new york. this is moving in with your mother, you fucking tool!" & i got all frustrated with where to put what boxes, but that was all after most of everything had been moved out of the van, so it was alright.

after that cortney & i laid on the floor being sort of silly, then we drank some gin & milk while watching mtv. but then we went to the beach, & everything was awfully sublime. just, i don't know. it was sort of like the way it used to be, just swimming out in the water & going down to touch the bottom so she wouldn't be frightened. then coming in & her laying in the sun while i threw rocks into the waves. just a lot of moment to moment good. i told her about how while i see an attraction in the flicker & douse, i am more about blotting the sun out. then we'd go back in the water. its difficult to capture, really. just really nice.

now i have to start putting the archives of my ohio life into order & start forming the seed of my new york life. if life is really the proper term for this subtle persisting me.

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