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one hundred & eighty-nine (189). the aproximate number of toilet paper rolls two males go through over the course of two (2) years. experimental data courtesy of me & aaron, who didn't throw out our empty rolls for the duration. there was the lean times of kleenex, but you know. aproximate.

you know that shit, where that paramount mountain from the credits, is like, the mountain of the movie in questions first act? that shit is tight. i can't get enough of that shit. but you know, on an unrelated note? tomb raider: cradle of life is a fuck awful movie.

while i was packing up demario & ryan kept me company. we drank gin & played poker, of which i won grand master supreme title. all while listening to they might be giants, while demario was like, astounded by how nihilistic the motherfuckers were.

oh i know i have a week left in the state of ohio but i am not going to be tied down here much longer. tommorow me & cortney are going to get my move on. i fully intend to ask her if she has any intention of maybe visiting me once i get my own place. its so fucking weird to have my best friend of old tangled up in this web of whatever. though thats a real hindsight view of course. that old carosuel chestnut.

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