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i guess today is a day of getting hurt. at rukiya's i steped on a splinter of glass that went in half way (1/2) before i realized i should hobble myself. we tried getting it out with scissors until she finally went through her roomate's stuff & found tweezers. after that it was cake. oh, & her rabbit? is the damnest thing i've ever seen. it shows no fear of anything, hopping right up to my leg, sniffing it, then jumping up on me. perhaps unsurpringly, it does not respond to lapine.

then at the gym i arched my back while trying to do a couple of extra reps on the millitary press & hurt my upper back. what is that, my deltoid? maybe. i decided to give up, since there was no point hurting myself the day before moving, & went down to the pool. i did thirty-five minutes (0:35) of water jogging with andrea, which feels awfully silly to be doing. it did, however, make my legs feel tired, so i suppose there was something to it.

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