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the halo of me.

ate lunch in a cemetary with erica. it appears last night i got crazy, i started spouting off bits of who knows from creepy. "you think you are so set?" i challange nichole. i went mad but erica threw up so i think i come up on the winner's side of that volley. after lunch we went & played piglet's game of stick on the bridge. now i'm back in my apartment. my roomate doesn't live here anymore which means i can throw the chain & the lock from the inside. i am putting my possessions away into boxes. each thing i put into a box, no matter how much i might like it, i have to realize: i will not see it again for quite some time. whatever. i kind of think i want to go swimming tonight. creature from the college park lagoon, you know. at least for a few more days yet.

i got a fortune cookie & it told me to kill everybody.

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