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new candy review: snickers almonds.

i don't eat alot of candy. i don't really like it. i mean, i like it of course. every enzyme of digestion is practically designed so that sugar is a treat. but i don't crave it, & in fact, most snack foods just annoy the piss out of me. thats why, every so often, when i eat one of the new types of candy that are flooding the market, i feel like i need to have a position.

the new almond snickers is alright. i mean, it didn't frustrate me into violence. but i just don't get it. it isn't anywhere near as good as a snickers. how do you fuck up that formulae? am i just to invested in the tastes of the old candies to appreciate the new ones? i don't really think thats possible, since i didn't really like candy to begin with. the cookie cup reese cups were pretty okay when i had them back when they first came out.

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