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my apartment inexplicably smells like vanilla icing.

this whole weekend paint smears together from a distinct lack of sleep. was it Sunday or Saturday that i did which & i did what. sounds like a madaline l'engle porno flick. i got a thank you letter from adam & theresa for showing up at their wedding. the gift i got them were these special glasses that let you see angels, so theresa's penned "thanks for the angels" beneath the form letter. i'm like "i've still got connections in my old haunts. you can take the boy out of the city but you can't take the city out of the boy."

i've been pretty high maintanance lately, i realized the other day. its this damn distance. so i'm going to chill the fuck out, especially when the all exclusive debut of mordicai pistol hands is about to hit the silver screens of new york city. all the blood is really maple syrup i assure you.

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