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obscene weather (idolatry & mexico can fucking wait).

this bullet in the belly of a saturday morning sickness. i mean, get up at seven o' clock in the morning (7:00am) & mosey around the corral. check all the rulers nailed into the walls. everything bigger inside than out, just like me, everything is acid in glass flasks. i'm trying to shed this skin of a shut in & get my body schismed & out the door. its august now, & i don't know that anybody has anything to say about august other than to speak about its ending. or how its ending. its certainly scissors enough for me. the deep scars of agriculture even on the perspective of this city-bound boy right here. oh, happy harvest. i'll carve the pumpkins into skulls myself.

i need to make a resume even to get a job maybe as a host at some fancy restraunt in new york. does experiance in forensic fieldwork & cadaver dissection help get hosts hired? or as i have put it: i know dead from dead. stop moving everybody! it will be my new variant of heads up seven (7) up. though its been rightly pointed out that i don't actually remember how to play that game so much anymore these days. do they play it in hospitals, every doctor masqued like scaramouche & ever patient the dying heroine of a french film? all of them dying for a cigarette or a backhoe to dig their grave.

M caeli: i thought of you just for the sake of thinking of you last night.
fayastrad: What did you think?
M caeli: when you called? my phone wouldn't pick up. wouldn't find a channel. the other phone was locked in with my roomate.
M caeli: what i thought was something about how small & meek you are but how maybe i still like you alot. despite usually not liking quiet types. except i guess you & erica.
M caeli: you are pretty tiny. pocket sized. like a bee in a dragonsnap.
fayastrad: And you are the biggest window in the room.
fayastrad: The one I see everything out of.
M caeli: i'll be the eyes or the i's.
M caeli: set your shoes on me, marathon alicia.
fayastrad: When are you coming?
fayastrad: Tell me again.
M caeli: i'm the starting block if you'll be my foot.
M caeli: the 16th.
M caeli: forever.
fayastrad: It's my favorite story.
M caeli: i like the one with darth vader.
fayastrad: We can write him in.
M caeli: but my real favorite is the one where the guy makes the silmarils.
M caeli: my new pencil edition life is the best!
M caeli: i get queen sexy librarian jenny who loves me like the death of japan & the divinity of the emperor, dragonsnap alicia with her honey bee's mouth, & darth vader with his candy cane tellings of the truth. good for me. its in my best intrest.
fayastrad: You get the prize, for being the prize.

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