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abandon the war, soldier.

you know, while i'm talking about specifics here, let me couch it in general terms. a good proof that certain people can't hold their liquor is their livejournal. i mean, getting drunk & updating nonsense is part of the whole experiance. to have a record of your impaired thoughts is part of the internet fueled life. but one way i've decided to tell if someone can hold their liquor? if, the next morning, they delete everything that they said while drunk? i call them a coward & a light-weight.

also, i think sexuality is a sliding scale of percentages. i mean, without accounting for extreme outliers like cracker-jack fetishists or transexuals who love only fruit, at least. i mean, everyone is some queer, some straight. even the straightest & the queerists. my position isn't so crazy, i don't think. i've often said that all girls are lesbians, since in my opinion & experiance is true. since the weird germanic decent of america means that there is some weird non-greek homo stigma, i think it prevents that from being the same for boys. i'm just curious if guys would be as gay as girls are dykes. see, its hard for me to even fathom. 'cause like, there just isn't any blaming lesbians. girls are all hot & soft & smell nice. of course everyone should want to have sex with them!

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