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was really only pissed for two reasons; one (1), the fact that i don't agree with her reasons. they made me feel like our relationship was an inconvienance. which really ties mostly into the second (2cnd) reason, which is just that i've been having a hard time. things have been stupidly stressful for me lately, & i just wanted a chance to catch my breath for once.

i mean, i'm just feeling the distance. i'm sick of having to tell people that not only does my girlfriend live far away, but that i havn't seen her since classes started. i like it when i can brag & say i was just there for two (2) weeks. i like it when she feels like more of my life than something just barely tethering me here.

i just don't like that i feel like i'm fighting alone. especially when alot of the struggle is for that construct of us. & i'm not going to do any sort of saboutage, but i really just wish my girlfriend was around to kiss me & encourage me & let me see her naked. plus, i was going to get my new york move preliminary stuff done. move some things up there with me, & have secret apartment negotiations. maybe pick up job applications so i can fill them out & mail them back with three (3) proofs of purchase.

plus aaron's going to be all mad, since this was our last roomate bonding excursion.

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