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i'm so stewing in anger right now. i could just turn into a piece of cold glass & cut jenny right in half. earlier this month i said "i'm trying to come at the end of this month." then last week she asked me "are you coming at the end of this month?" i said "let me check." then i checked. it turned out that i could, that aaron was willing to make a roadtrip, since he's moved out & i am moving away so he will not see me again, at least for a very long time. so i told jenny that i could visit her. she told me maybe i shouldn't. i've been trying to discuss it with her all week, but she hasn't responded to emails that mention that.

so aaron called me today & was like "you couldn't imagine how much trouble i'm in with my boss over taking this time off, so you better fucking appreciate this!" also, he's been talking about it non-stop, & i have been too, since i've had my heart set on it. other people have mentioned the trip, since aaron told them. so when i talked to jenny tonight, i said "listen, aaron really put himself forward to make this happen. we really have to come."

she said she'd already bought a ticket to see pat* in whatever fucking town he lives in. forty dollars ($40). plus, she didn't really feel like having someone sleep on her couch, since leigh & phil had been there all week. & um, those are pretty much her reasons, reiterated there.

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