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the hunger of the spider of the void.

so yo! here is my school stuff so far today. first off, i totally didn't miss olaf's class yesterday, because he at some foul smoked herring in paprika sauce out of a can & got sick. then today he said "jesus h. christ esquire (esq.) was a haploid mutant," & we finished up talking about the mundurucu. & we talked about an iroquis burial site where all of the warriors were buried in dutch ice skates. then i got my test back from principals of thinking, which i got a ninety seven percent (97%) on. i've got a test in it again tommorow, on a book i don't know (the demon haunted world by carl sagan), but we seriously get to use that book to take the test. so i'm not so concerned about it, really.

but um, i am waiting for my financial aide people to re-evaluate my status. which is like, what the fuck, can that part of my life hurry up & be over? i've gone my twelve fucking rounds, ref, award me the tko already, won't you? so thats kind of my additional stress right now. the fact that i'm not even procrastinating, just waiting.

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