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excuse me, did i enter the alternate universe where brown vs. the board of education just didn't happen? oh, they're (which is to say, the city, which is to say, the public) opening a highschool just for them queer folk! well, how nice of them. that way they won't be harrassed like their were at their old school. people are talking about how this will help diversity. uh, how is that? by taking people who are diffrent & segregating them from everyone else? are we just ignoring that social pressures exsist? am i the only one who imagines the "hey if your little faggot kid didn't want to be beat to death with a lead pipe by bullys, he should've gone to that school with his own kind" conversation? not to mention the fact that your resume now says "i am a fag" on it to whomever looks to see what high school you went to. yeah, that helps reduce bigotry.

also, i am of the opinion that laws should be legislated towards an idealized world, & that courts should mostly interprete those idealized situations & apply them to real situations. that is why i am against affirmative action. i am only softly opposed, because i realize that as a white male my perspective is skewed, but i'm just saying.

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