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there was an eclipse the day they buried emperor norton.

what, its weird that when i walk into my apartment i check in all the rooms to make sure there arn't hidden enemies? fuck you & paranoia. i promised my girlfriend i'd try to take care of myself. i'm pretty sure i'll be a pumpkin if i'm not in bed by midnight.

roxanne, antonio, jess, & i all watched cabin fever tonight because roxanne had just interviewed the girl from it. roxanne said the movie was camp, but i think she meant cliche. there were three very solid jokes, though. one i won't spoil, but the other two? well, both involve the one guy. at one point a redneck shopkeeper puts his hand on his back & says "tell me one good reason you'd try to steal a snickers bar from me?" & the guy says "uh...the nouget?" the other joke is this little dialouge:

girl: what the fuck is that?
funny guy: its a gun.
bestfriend from boy meets world: why the fuck did you bring a gun?
funny guy: to shoot squirrels!
bfbmw: why do you want to shoot squirrels?
funny guy: 'cause they're gay?
girl: you fucking moron.
funny guy: shut up, i'm joking, i'd kill 'em whether they were gay or straight.

maybe its all in the delivery?

that movie was surprisingly gruesome though, for being sort of out-dated. plus, it had the villian that i hate, the disease. i mean, like, a serial killer? i'm pretty sure i'm tough. thats a fight. so thats not so scary. & supernatural endowed killers from beyond the grave? number one (#1), one of them is a little doll. fuck chucky! number two (#2), i've got superpowers too, motherfucker. bring it. sadly, i can't defeat the plauge except through luck. plus also i think the last act of the movie was a little bit overdrawn. i think i'd recomend it just for the sheer lynch of it, hallways & angelo badalementi & all that shit.

at one point i was so hot that i had to stand up, go into the bathroom, splash water on my face & listen to the roaring of blood in my eardrums. after that i went & sat by the fan, & then i was better. mostly, i tend to blame that on being really tired. i think i'm awfully incoherant. i was trying to have a conversation with jess on the way back & i just couldn't parse it. have i been saying parse alot. man i can't even focus my eyes.

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