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fire in chicago. (tryst at 38 cycles per second)

voodoo nights avaunt. if i wasn't such a fucking alcholic maybe my plans with danielle for laser tag would have turned out. i guess a motherfucker like me needs to drink to get to sleep sometimes. my roomate woke me up to tell me my girlfriend was on the phone, but when i got the phone it was my fucking mother. that shit is not cool. eventually cortney & erica came over, & andrea came too. we swam till intervention by the authorities was threatened, which translates into only briefly. then we played "the most dangerous game" to decide what movie to watch. now its four in the morning (4:00 am) & i am real mistrustful of my bed. the traitor's bed. the sleeping place of treason. lurking over there in the cornor of my room like a predator at a swimming hole. well fuck your tiger stripe mojo, mister (mr.) bed.

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