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king fury hates me because i broke his submarine.

so bob hope finally died. i'm torn. on one hand, i want everyone to die. i mean, ill will, spite, & malvolance are watchwords i like to keep my eye on. but on the other hand i like that there might be mysterious people who don't die. i like that it might be mediocre entertainers. on one hand, i think people should continue to live forever in order to frustrate all science. on the other, death is the nearest event to the hate in my heart, & the most final, & i must insist that everyone participate in it. but!, bands can say all kinds of brand-names as long as they don't print the lyrics. which is fucked up, but good for them. aka driver killed my mother! if it wasn't for foreign countries, how would america know where to point all its missiles?

oh, the other day i talked to some girl at the bar? except the thing is, i really hate that fucking girl. but at the bar she just said that we both liked ben folds five (5)! which solves my fucking mystery! hahah, fuck that fatso. bitch told people i hit on her at a party once, & i've been stewing in that sauce for a while (since girl apparantly has mutant power to show up wherever the fuck i go). like, i talked to that fucking girl to be polite, but i wasn't even polite! i just was snide & shit! years a-fucking-go. but she kept telling people i hit on her once. in her delusional fucking world. but fuck! i was just wearing like, a ben folds five (5) shirt or something & she forced me to talk about it! thats how that scene went down.

erica is one of my favorite people. like, i was a fan to begin with? but one time i took that girl to nelson's ledges? she's fucking fearless. absolutely without fight or flight. she takes fucking jumps without a gulp. so far to date she's the only person who has been willing to play tag with me at the ledges. thats the end of my strong erica endorsement.

i also like that people might call london the smoke, & new york city the big apple. its all pleasingly incomprehensible to me. woah, my brain is all lit up like a fucking drive in movie now, & i won't stop thinking about the motherfucking wiz. & about how eol didn't name maeglin till he was fucking twelve (12). hey brain! keep up the good work!

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