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yesterday was a little like this: wake up early. i'm half asleep & helping my roomate start to move furniture. so half asleep. eventually we eat quiznos. back to moving. we drive to cleveland but he's forgotten the keys to his new fucking place. we get in through custodians. we bang out the moving, one two three (1-2-3). then we go to the mongolian bar-b-que to eat. i have lots of crawdads & little tiny octopusses. we finally get home around eleven thirty (11:30), i call ivana & lindsay & stephanie. they are having a party & demand i come over. i kick aaron the fuck up, & we walk over there. things learned at the party include the fact that i cannot freestyle whatsoever. also, this lesbian in a boy scout shirt insisted i should come be a civil war re-enacter with her. oh, & i hassled new friend jen, because she laughed at my dumb jokes but was going to leave? fuck that news, man. oh, & i found out that maybe gay matt is actually only barely technically gay matt. i'm all about contemplating other people's sexualities today, it seems! my apparant new obsession.

oh & i can maybe visit jenny this next weekend. maybe because um. maybe she doesn't want to visit me. hip hip fucking hooray. ladies & gentlemen, watch closely. the last time this happened, there was no audiance allowed but the freemasons, but this jack the ripper has the internet in full fucking effect.

oh & i ripped my wifebeater getting dressed after my shower. if i wasn't such a cheerful motherfucker i'd be all a-glower. but jesus christ can't keep this home boy down. i'm all gangster gangster to fucking day. hand me my fucking nose ring! thats right motherfucker. nobody will ever find jimmy hoffa because i've already digested him. how do you like that mafia shit? oh yeah, & my toe nail was fucking falling off. but i fixed it. i fixed that shit, because i'm a god-damned genius.

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