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there are alot of indian women at the gym today; its odd, & i can't quite puzzle it out. maybe its just some weird coincidence? who knows. my roomate is getting a u-haul truck to start moving his things tonight; i had to decline driving the thing. i mean, i can drive a car, even though i don't have a license? i mean, that part isn't hard. the only time i get edgey is getting on or off the freeway, when you have to aggressively change lanes. in a car, its no big deal, right? but the thing is, i know how big cars are, how they move. i don't know dick about driving a truck. so i turned him down.

leigh & phil are visiting jenny now. in the current reckoning, i like phil, but dislike leigh. i guess the way i sum up my feelings for leigh is "highschool." like, didn't we play all the see jane cry see m laugh games back then? the social drama & knitting circle gossip? didn't i trounce all comers in that arena? so why the fuck are you still at it with your dull mechanisms? etc. jenny suggests that under the mentor environment, those traits come out in leigh again, but uh? that isn't an excuse that flies with me. leigh strands me in minnasota. antonio buys me a greyhound ticket home. you look at that little sentence there then tell me who my friends are. also, & perhaps most damningly, i won't forgive leigh for trying to sabotauge my relationship with jenny, & her crack when we were all back home for leigh-anne's death is the eight penny ($.08) nail in her coffin as far as i'm concerned. & as far as i know, her behaviour regarding my relationship with jenny is still pervasive whenever she spends time with her. so fuck that.

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