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the black algae bloom.

this dumb old broke down sunrise. what a weird position i've been legoed into. i've been so scurry scurry lately with paperwork & classes that i don't know what to do with an entire day free of responsibilities. pour myself a glass of aaron's wine while he is still in bed? don't mind if i do. if i recall correctly, drinking during the day is one of the top perks to the lifestyle of slack. writhing like a maggot on a fish hook, things of that nature. spider moves to the middle of the glass chamber during strobing light. heart's blood a ceasar purple when the thing finally gets dug out of someone else's chest. strangers seem wrapt as fish at the deep sea angler's biolumenscent lure. thats me. i shine just enough in the dark waters. blacker than anything. call it nimbus. i blot out the sun & you see an annult around me? you say i sparkle. i drip vemon the way girl's pussies get soaked when i walk up to the pulpit.

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