mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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oh, & last night my dream took place inside a vast spaceship an entire astronomical unit big- on top of that, the architecture within it was very uncertain, with walls & doors moving, chambers & elevators appearing. very house in space, i suppose, though that haddn't occured to me until just now. i requested more help from earthgov so they sent me & my team more bullets. lots more bullets. there were all kinds of falls & almost crushed to death moments, & even more trapped in the dark with no knowledge of a room's dimensions scenes. at one point the tough aryn sunn girl accidentally emptied the first part of her clip directly at me- why none of the slugs hit me was just as much a mystery as why she pulled the trigger. at the end, i killed the one team mate who was against us by stabbing her to death with a hypodermic needle until an embulism got her. it took a while.

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