mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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mingle my blood. (errata)

new candy review: twix with peanut butter.
man, fuck this bullshit. i expected some kind of gooey/carmel/peanut buttery/chocolate & cookie bar punch in the mouth. instead i got like, a long, crunchie reese's cup. they took out the "chewy" part of the equation, thus rendering the whole twix experiance null. i should have gone with my initial choice, the baby ruth.

this is a list of words i wrote down this morning in class.
dowsing, atonement, strife, ire, incantation, hex, invoke, auspice, bedevil, "marban?", shaman, medicine man, totem, clandestine, armistice, sheer crookedness, familiar, turn, destroy, rebuke, command, soma, sacrament, formulae, obliterate, context, placate, spurn, gall, title, residue, cohort, ego, sanction, sacred.

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