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the stopped ticking of a watch.

today's stuffed tighter than a stripper in a giant cake for a stag party. but a healthy breakfast should see me through, or at least, the glowing idol of tucan sam led me to believe as such. the funny thing is how inextricably linked my tucan sam is with my uncle sam. i imagine all troops over seas eating heaping bowls of fruit-loops.

today i feel pretty incredible. & this is one of my usual class attendence problems. i feel like dinosaur fighting, or at least climbing on things, or dungeon delving. not being cooped up indoors listening to people tell me what is what! but i'm dutch today, i dike & canal. i'm shirly mclaine with all this channeling! i'll show up to classes with this toothy smile of mine & a box cutter in my back pocket. be warned! at any minute i could take this whole school hostage!

yesterday eric took pictures of me in front of a blue screen with a huge umbrella.

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