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my infamous teenage mutant ninja turtles character from jr. high was a mutant porcupine named spike q. seta. he rolled up the assassin backround & as anyone who's ever played the game can tell you, since he was a porcupine he was pretty much fucking invincible. he owned the sweet vehicle rules van with the mounted 14.5mm machine gun, & eventually he got involved in the transdimensional tmnt rules. anyhow, the cutest thing about this guy was that when he eventually killed his arch-nemisis, caesar the mutant wolverine from the main book? he retired to dimensional possibility number two (#2), fifty-six through sixty-five (56-65). he retired to the world where the khan's mongols were never stopped during the middle ages, laying the groundwork for the alternate twentieth (20th) century global empire of the golden horde of elegant brutality. so if you ever need him, thats where you will find him.

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