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glispin noticed the fungal blight long before any of the rest of us.

but before too long it was even evident to cambridge, the most blind of all us grey geese. glispin noticed it first but i noticed it was spreading before any of them started thinking about that possibility. of course i clammed up. this was the break that i was waiting for like a locust in the ground. i waited until the inertia of things became irreversable, till it had spread like a black spot on a page of a pirate's bible. till the whole universe had been entrapped in its la brea tar pit colour. which is when i made my last direct dial telephone connection. i called for the harness & the sword, the cable & the crown. after that, there were a few sloppy bell, book & candle episodes, but i soon got the hang of those sorts of witch hunts. the apostles of the machine-god were giving me a run up through the twenties (20's), but after that, it was smooth sailing on the tenebrous seas between the stars.

also, "the hot girls in the pool" re: aaron has been mentioning them for the past three (3) days? turned out to be oh, about thirteen (13). we played pickle in the middle with them. & i don't know what to do with my fucking hair. i am trying to grow it out "shaggy" as per jenny's request, but i have no idea what that means. maybe i should think about cutting the sides & back. twelfth (12th) grade grunge revival here i come. finally, allen moore was discussed in my principals of thinking class, even though the only ones discussing him were me & my teacher. now its time for me to go sleepwalk my way through a few gin & tonics.

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