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i'm looking for this book. i've been trawling through memepool & portal of evil for the link that might have taken me there once upon a time, but to no avail. i can't even really remember much. it was mostly a picture book, with dance steps, & all sorts of strange things that might make me happy. all the words in it were in an indescipherable language. it was all really otherworldly. i feel like its name might have been like "crypto-" or "esoterica" or "principia" or something like that. if i recall correctly it was only available in europe & aw who am i kidding. i don't remember enough about it to be able to find it. i was just thinking about it, & thought that maybe writing down what i remembered might come out more coherently or jog some memories. turns out i was wrong.

oh, & i saw that ander's transhumanism page has been listed under "science-insane."

update: chaizilla has found it! codex seraphinianus.

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