mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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drunk as a thistle.

my fucking computer got soaked by the torrent of rain that occured while i was in class, & now the moniter won't work. i hope that it dries out & magically begins to function again. that would be pretty fucking copacetic. at least it turns out that both demario & eric are in my principals of thinking class. so that train might arrive on time. oh & jenny has fessed up to distance fed by worry. well maybe i worry too, so maybe distance is bad scene. least, thats what i say. but what do i know, i'm only the last surviving member of the black babylonian school of martial arts. i'm just the one guy remaining who can assume the hanging gardens stance.

i just hate that i'm being made to feel like my love is being taken for granted. or that i'm alone in this. because uh. alone is how i feel. my phone lies silent on its cradle, & all the rows of green beer bottles make empty kissing faces at me. each one drunk by somebody else. even when i'm with people i start nursing old grudges & thinking how much littler they are then they pretend to be. all scampering around on their doomed world.

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