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six (6) flags was alright, i suppose. i don't know if i have too much worth remembering on that scene. they played two (2) massive attack songs & one (1) they might be giants song at the park. the log ride got stuck on the most unpleasent part & my back hurt alot. i don't know, i went on rides & i saw a killer whale. junk like that. although, oh, i'm going to sell my bed to my mother in order for her to put it in her guest room, & i will use the money to buy a new bed in new york, thus meaning i don't have to worry about moving the fucker. i also sent boxes back with her, so thus begins the long exodous.

i guess i'm just feeling melancholy for no reason that i can suppose. mostly i'm frustrated at everything & everyone. i don't know why i'm cranky. i havn't been sleeping well at all, everything on & off & speckled with nightmares. oh my lucky robin's eggs dreams. i don't know. i've decided not to pour myself a drink. to just snarl a little for a while, hope that jenny calls, & maybe read dracula which i forgot i was reading but have since found & remembered. i've already long ago taken a shower & gotten ready for whatever the day may bring. though i mostly am just pleased that eventually the day will bring night.

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