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yesterday i went to the headlands beach with aaron & andrea. we played ball & i invented being an astronaut. also, i invented the game of mystery. then we went to see aaron's new apartment, & i kept looking out the peephole while the other two showered because i think zampano might be his across the hall neighbor. also, his closet is exactly big enough for me to sleep in.

after that i led them to empress taytu's for eithiopian, which neither of them had ever had. i tried to describe injera as wetsuit bread, as always. i, mene-something beefy. & tik-alicha for my side. andrea got segawat & misr, & aaron ordered chicken t'ib with gomen. i'm trying to gain some kind of competancy with the names of the dishes. they both really liked it alot, but to no real surprise.

then i went to bed early, for the dual reasons that a) i want to start going to bed early more often so as to be a responsible class attender & b) i am going to six (6) flags today. i had weird dreams about my death, crushed in an ice cave in antartica. except i willed myself not to die. then, trapped in an airpocket, i willed myself into hypothermia. but then when they found & revived me? i invented ambulatory marijuana plants. which ended up turning out to be the doom of the world, h.p.l. style. well, lovecraft crossbred with like, cheech marin, but hey man, i didn't program this fucking brain of mine.

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