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fingolfin the star crushed under heel.

so i guess i'm the cutest little bug of an m this morning, if i do say so myself. but you know. like all good things, this too shall pass. i've already taken the gain on my countenance down toward grim a few notches. i'll glare right through panes of glass. i think today a chinese food buffet or some sort of thai food or eithopian food is what i would choose to put into my body. i can't even believe that i'm forced to think about fuel for the beast. man, being alive is a rum deal. shuffle those three (3) card monty chits, sleep & drink & liquor. what, liquor isn't a staple of being alive? speak for yourself, you fucking fire hydrant. everyone on the rockford files smokes so reassuringly. or at least, so i imagine. i've never even seen that television show. ben folds five sings nice pleasent music about it, so i am thinking it must be at least important to a couple of guys. shit, look at my daydream ass thinking i might get all kinds of special food put into my tummy (i hate eating x100). i'll probably eat hamburger helper or some effing college level foodstuffs. bomb shelter food is my specialty.

also, last night i missed the modest mouse show, but like, null sweat. i've given up on any aspirations that i might see them. like, remember how i was supposed to see them a whole bushel of times but i never did? yeah, so um. all you wusses can go cry at their show if you want to. i'll stay home & sharpen my knives. what is going on? where is my medication? i am ronald regan. i have alzheimers but i threatened the whole world with nuclear anihilation. thats a pretty fucking fair trade.

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