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so um. spent last night with cortney. we got kicked out of the pool, but it was cold anyhow. & it was only after she pushed pause on the video game so she could hug me. ever try to figure out what went wrong when you're happy how it ended up turning out? yeah, it isn't exactly easy. like, who is broken hearted over who, & in what order? we're just curious anymore. then i tried to tell her she could pass out in my bed while i slept on the couch but she drove home drunk instead. which is like. i'll see her plenty more times before i move to new york to be with the girl i love. man, its so funny but somehow i imagine that the other participants don't think so quite as much. hey but i imagine that mr. big shot jesus laughs his ass off at the whole scenario. i also imagine that jesus only listens to guns & roses. cold november rain for the boy born in a manger, eh, christ? haha. you homeless baby. oh, we also went on an adventure to where i'm certain the homeless people live.

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