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taking a nap means i end up a pretty boy in my underwear.

so, yesterday i convinced my roomate to buy me a chipotle burrito, & i wrote down the ingrediants i wanted in it. he however accidentally ate my burrito & gave me the burrito he ordered instead (which i of course gave him a hard time for, but only jokingly). but you know, this burrito isn't as good as the burrito i would have ordered, & i don't just mean that it isn't to taste. i mean, i think my burrito is actually better, that it would score higher on hobart's scale. adding to this is the fact that everyone who likes chipotle as much as i do (re: magurast) orders their burrito with the same ingrediants as i do. the chicken burrito with black beans & of course the cilantro rice. then when they ask you for which salsa you say "can i have the corn medium & the hot?" & when they daub the hot sauce on you have to say "could you give me a little bit more hot sauce?" then when they get to the sour cream & cheese you say "yeah, could i have both, & with alot of sour cream to balance out all the hot sauce i maniacally got?" then you have them put on lettuce (while they "wow, thats a big burrito!") & there you have it. that there is the recipe for a good chipotle burrito. now, what day you go on might determine just how spicey your burrito is, but getting two kinds & lots of the hot sort of helps take some of that guesswork out of the equation.

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