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rat-a-tat-tat, kent state. lemme get chicago typewriter on your ass. today i took care of some scheduling difficulties (cross that off the list), got the paperwork to take care of other scheduling difficulties (need a signature), got my graduation evaluation done for graduation & for financial aid (cross that off the list- man, i really wish i had an actual list, all the crossing off would make me feel like a roman!);;

also, the big thing that makes me feel pretty fucking ace is that i was like all crestfallen realizing that i needed one more class then i thought i did. but then i found out that i could take it at hunter, when i'm taking english & japanese! like, they offer classes with the exact same names & descriptions as the classes i want to sub for. i also found out that i fit the profile perfectly for a transient student, & i got the paper forms for that. all i need on that front at the course descriptions in order to attach them to the forms, & to find out what class to swing into my english ii slot. so that is pretty okay, huh?

its really fucking handy to have your oldest friend work in the advising office. i mean, i wanted to do these things today. moreover, i needed to get them done. but the hordes of the faceless beauracrats were leaning. well fuck you dicks, antonio has a face, so i'll let him be my dude. suck on that assmar, pigfucks.

by the way, i guess you need to know alot about papertrail forensics to even begin to handle my file. the boss lady had to throw out the evaluation she was working on three (3) seperate times because it was confusing & she had done it wrong. i was on the ball though! i was like "yo, i substituted a class there," & all "wait, what, no, i registered for that class twenty minutes (:20) ago, it just didn't appear on the machine you used because that device was initialized at noon (12:00pm)!" then i was all "aw snap."

man, its funny to be all grave & solemn & tell old people "i need to move to new york because i have a serious realtionship that i'm serious about." & then just have them nod because, true.

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