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decided to go to bed early last night, in order to recouperate my strength. well after laying there for a while, in finally got to sleep, & was rewarded with some intresting dreams. in one prominant one, i went to go see an interactive showing of the lord of the rings. it was being held in an abandoned airport, which had been heavily rennovated. the begining of the movie was a camp-out, where everyone was constantly menaced by actors dressed up in nazgul costumes. that morning, we all ran through mocked up city ruins laid out on the runway, while many diffrent people dressed as orcs ran after us. inside, the airport was laid out like a movie theater, so everyone felt they could relax while waiting in line to by tickets. that was when the huge animatronic ancalagon the black, which started screaming & breaking windows with its beaked maw. everyone ran from the dragon down the emergency stairwells, to the real theater. it was all rocky & set up like moria, & pitch black so that you could only see by the light of the screen, or with nightvision goggles, which i had. the real theater turned out to be in a huge warehouse that used to be used as a hanger, with the interoir renovated into a maze. the climax of the whole show was when everyone was herded into one of the "halls" or "dwarrowdelf" & a holographic balrog reared up, life-like as anything.

this morning i was then woken up at seven anno-meridian (7am) by a black car with all of its door open blasted the christian radiostation (103.3 wcrf) as loud as it fucking could. fuck you jesus, you fucking asshole. then at nine anno-meridian (9am) a whole bunch of sub-contracters snuck into my apartment, broke apart my toilet, & are currently installing a new one. & damn were they noisy about it, though i don't really have a grudge against them, since they're just dudes doing their jobs. though it would be pretty effing cool if i were able to maintain homeostasis by ridding myself of nitrogenous wastes.

i also had a dream where i was james bond & david bowie was the villian.

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