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dream of the vulture.

smashing up our apartment makes me feel better. BREAK! also, calling my roomate "homie" & having him laugh & show me funny parts of the apartment that we forgot we'd broken. oh, also, we have an ironing board for a kitchen table! aw, snap. this is what my roomate says: "its, uh...pumpkin king! oh wait! its the royal tenebaums! even better!" & then i say "aw snap." shit, i have to go throw things until they stop being in one piece. then i will maybe play video games. its cool when i don't have to do anything until four post-meridian (4 pm). oh also there is a dumpster filled with toilets about ten feet (10') from my door. an actual dumpster filled with toilets. one time they tore down a bank, which i saw, & then only the vault was left, because thats the way a vault works. it was so amazingly great & good.

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