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tatu 4 eva, plz.

amiga computer systems in suspension following daring government attack! remember that time steve jackson games was attacked by the fbi because they made the game cyberpunk? that was fucking great. fucking awesome. snapdragons forever. beezlebub hip-hop from coast to coast, ghost to ghost! bees to wasps! a bee might make honey, but a wasp is just the king of hate. see i've already waited too long, etc. you shut you mouth, etc. how can you say, etc. i go about things the wrong way etc. then there is clowns. lots of explosions. circus music, stockings & garters! i'll be a christmas choir for jenny if it will get me laid. these past few days i've been extra intrested in getting laid. & there have been cannons. canons. one of those two things. fuck being friends, lets play pictionary.

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