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asleep on the turnpike.

so maybe i have a drinking problem but maybe i have the lord of the rings dvds so it works out. like, why does everyone think its funny that i teared up when galadriel comes on stage? maybe you didn't notice, but that is fucking galadriel. she's fucking galadriel who's name ends like a godamn angel & what the fuck are you living your life for anyway? i want to make sandwiches that use other sauces than usual. i imagine people use ranch dressing in their lives more than i do. i have some of that spicey peanut sauce those hindus like so much. that gum you like is coming back in style. the best part about it is how i've been awake for fucking hours but wouldn't count myself in a game of heads up seven (7) up. no really. i used to have a livejournal but it got rabies. mostly i hate simile & enjoy metaphor? but today i don't even want to get within ten paces (shooting distance) of words. so i throw that useless like around. if i owned camoflauge i would wear that shit too.

i want to give everyone who ever fucked me over a bullet in the face (enjoy!) but i am trying to sober up so you might imagine that you won't be shot. you fucking shit. i will shoot you one day. i will shoot everybody. i want to end the fucking world, unravel it & we will all have our heaven again. you don't own yarn. you don't own yarn & you couldn't impress me on your best day. i've never had a good day & i consistantly make everyone love me. but um. everyone also likes to slow down on the highway & crane their necks when there is a crash. so don't think i'm wearing this hospital gown just for the hell of it.

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