mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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the smoking jacket of tezcatlipoca (oh hummingbird...)

this fuck all seaweed day. it clings to everything. strangles the lotus. washes up on the shoreline & spells out names you thought you'd forgotten. it spells out crimes sometimes, the kind that are filed in locked cabinets, who's primary bits of evidence are comprised of lockets & bottled laudnum. bottled darkness, inky & writhing. black is the color of hope- the knowledge that one day all stars extinguish. the ocean erodes all beaches, all cliffs, & shines black in the dark. what i mean is. darkness is more pervasive than gravity. than even paranoia. when the sun goes down i'll unlock my door. vultures, vultures everywhere. xx. xxx. my new language is terrific. it hides beneath the bed while i'm sleeping.

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