mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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bruised at a tender age, then eaten.

fucking god-damn. i am fucking pissed, & at the littlest thing ever. my fuckstain earing (a gift from and_be_blue from when we met) is busted. the dumb ball part of it is gone, & i can't find it in my apartment. which isn't surprising given that the strong odds for where i lost it are in the fucking pool. maybe i can swim down to the bottom of the pool & find a tiny little ball. you want to talk about frustrating? this is the capitalization of that letter. i'm very bothered currently. oh, & the wet spot in my apartment smells today. for extra hate. this is very, very uncool. tuesday sucks. fuck tuesday. i am crossing them out on my calander. no more tuesdays. i wish the police were here so i could take their guns & um. shoot everybody. i wish i was in woodshop so as to use the tools in woodshop for purposes of torture. i lathe you, i jigsaw you.

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