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the guitar riff that said goodbye to the world.

so, my new plan for the makers of tuna helper & hamburger helper seems obvious to me: hot dog helper. plus, i have so many fucking hot dogs, it would be cool if i could do something with them (other than eat them like hot dogs or make the extra trailer park mixture of cut-up hot dogs & macaroni & cheese).

last night would have been spent puffing on a candle, desperate to extinguish it, but as it turns out, thats not what happened. hannah came to take symon away, & in the mean-time we all got a little bit "drunk." i also kind of sucked at pool games: i couldn't swim in a straight line or avoid the shark!

shit, what am i doing. i need to figure how to live my fucking life for the next month without taking a paint spackler to my eyes & going all oedipus. the porcelin shards of my usual day to day are all about this recent ice desert. i just have to try to keep in mind what i'm fighting for, & remind myself that beauracrats do not have super powers.

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