mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

sewn into the inside of the magicians hat.

anti-bodies attack!

no1. if the illscientist called jenny to heckle me thats cool, 'cause i'm into that guy, but for a few more weeks. my # is 330.677.3474. after that i hope to share a # w/ astrad-like, we talk about moving in but i'm pretty serious about it & i hope she is too.

no2. i'm kinda hammered. we got drunk & watched 6 string samurai & jeeroers creepers & then we went swiming. people who had said they would show up for swiming didn't, but man, fuck them, they're loss.

no3. its super weird to be totally in love with a girl. also, shit, i thought i lost my glasses but i didn't. thats cool, not losing stuff. my roomate was about to hang out but i think instead he is passing out.

no4. no really. i've taken stock ofmy life, & as dumb as this seems, jenny is so high on the list. like, i lost my virgnity to her & if i never fuck another girl that would be reat by me as it turns out. what cam oi say. maybe i foumd the girl for me. call me sucker.

mo4. if this is a problem for you? buy me a pistol so i can shoot you with it.

no5. no for real fuck you. i am drunk.

no6. my roomate is reading gaiman's coraline. good for him

no7, eff #7, eff hip hop, i put in nirvana.

no8. i really hope alicia isnn't jokcing. since i am not. a weird lfe.

fuck 9-a million. i like my good friends & also am in love. i dare you. i fucking dare you.

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