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melon...filled with hornets!

i was bit by the misadventure toad today. spent very brief periods of time with symon & erica, met eric & sarah poolside. then, suddenly, a hail of bullets- a barrage from the sky! or, at least, symon called on his cell phone to tell me that his car was broken. eric & i tried to rescue him, but that did not work- we um. drove the right way for a while, decided we were driving the wrong way, turned around, & went that way for a while. we were not effective rescuers. i feel shamed. even a small mouse could be a rescuer. but i guess symon is coming back to my apartment now with his broken car. tonight i very much want to go swimming in my newly lit-up pool!

oh, also, while trying to rescue symon i missed my test. so i will be required to actually tell the truth about car troubles for once in order to make it up. how is that for crazy happenstance!

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