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the candelabra, argent.

i went to thursdays saturday, which turns out to be kind of a dead scene. i can't really complain though, since i hung out with people who are pretty swell: bridget, david, hiroyuki, kingtycoon, orie, symon, & cortney. its always my good fortune to see symon. plus, its really nice to have some kind of re-fledgling relationship with cortney. so thats basically my story, though i'm glossing over the parts where i was too fucked up to dance or even really sit down. then there was sleeping over my apartment, (tm) symon & orie. that was cool.

talking to cortney again is really great. because i like her alot. seeing symon again is also really great, because i like symon alot & he always tries to live far away. thats basically my thoughts on that scene, summerized up for digestion.

in kingtycoon's current dnd game its really nice to be playing someone who isn't alone in not being a total fucking psychopath. see, its roleplaying. i get enough of sociopathy in my day to day. it is a pleasent change of pace sid would have fit in swell with this group, but cest la vie. fiel'marlath is pretty cool, in his way. i'm slowly growing into his whole deal. i was glad to see jjjiii get the whole dilletente thing a little more.

sumerized. build ziggurts motherfuckers. because you can see (steal) the stars from where i am. i feel like maybe tonight i will invent a whole new way of writing things. vodka will help.

also, the temperature swung, so maybe my allegies are fucking killing me. but i'm too busy being a huge cry-baby about my bruised tail bone to really mind. plus, when i tried to sign on, my jenny called me. & i know i'm a bit of a broken record over how great she is. but if you thought you were incapable of being in love with any girl ever again, you'd be pretty pumped if it turned out that you didn't have to be because the girl you were in love with was the girl you might end up being in love with for a long long while.

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