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crime remembered (shoot out at the saloon #258)

the faded stars reflected on dim petals, eager for every last photosynthsizable jolt. petal calls to mind images of plant life, but all that old fashioned foliage is long dead; this is more a coral, sessile & hard, brittle as its color. oh how this dead planet grimly smiles at volcanic fissures. teeter-totter while we slumber, domino world. topple & we will finally wake. our writhing mass will fan out across the black clay horizon. i will choke briefly while trying to swallow an entire fossilized swan skeleton. earth, you wear out your sickness like the ghost of a debutante. you've been broke ever since day one (1) & like i said before: superman can't go home either. especially not since i tied him up with extension cords & left him in a bank safe with a kilogram (k) of kryptonite. for all i know he's still there. krypton is where he was from right? i'm a helper.

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